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Noen brukere har problemer med å få Hik-Connect til å virke. Hikvision foreslår disse stegene for å feilsøke:

Please make sure your network condition. May be you could your phone hotspot to test (in order to test the system with a different Internet connection).

Here are some steps when we meet network issue:

  1. Make sure the network could connect to external network (Internet).
  2. Enable hikconnect function
  3. Check TCP/IP configuration, and make sure IP, subnet network, gateway address are correct
  4. Check DNS configuration, try to configure to
  5. Try to enable DHCP
  6. Make sure hikconnect status is online
  7. If still fails, try to change platform address to or
  8. Make sure the verification code is the same as the one in the label of the device
  9. Default the device

Her finnes noen videoer om Hik-Connect oppsett og bruk: