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Hikvision BLAZER-PRO-128 NVR for 128 IP-kameraer

kr. 62 250,- inkl. mva


  • Avansert NVR-server
  • For 128 IP-kameraer
  • Opptil 12MP bildekvalitet
  • 3 separate skjermutganger

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The Blazer Pro is an all-in-one server that combines Hikvision’s powerful video management system (HikCentral) with a video storage board. The Blazer Pro can manage up to 128 network cameras (for Blazer Pro/128/16H) for recording, live view, and playback. With the power of VMS, sophisticated alarm management is possible, as well as central management, information sharing, convenient connection, and multi-service cooperation. The Blazer Pro’s unique design provides both powerful storage and advanced centralized video management capabilities.

Quick Network Cameras Connection

  • Automatically discover online network cameras
  • Add up to 256 network cameras (for Blazer Pro/256/16H) for management

Advanced System Stability

  • Video storage device (Storage Board) and video management system (Server Board) are located on independent motherboards to strengthen the stability of the server
  • Linux operating system, ANR technology, and N+1 hot spare system for storage board to enhance the reliability
  • Pre-installed Windows 10 operating system and HikCentral system on the built-in SSD for server board
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Redundant network Connections
  • Users with related permission can switch to administrative mode to access the operating system
  • Database backup and restoration
  • System data hot spare via RoseReplicatorPlus

Convenient Data Storage

  • Up to 16 SATA hard disks, 1 eSATA and 2 miniSAS (optional) can be connected, for data storage (for video storage)
  • One 1 TB HDD (Disk D) is delivered with Server Board for storing pictures, logs, etc.
  • Supports HDD hot swap with RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 storage scheme configurable
  • Supports HDD quota and group modes; different capacity can be assigned to different cameras

High Compatibility

  • Multiple Hikvision devices can be added: network cameras, network speed domes, DVRs, NVRs, etc.
  • Connect third-party devices via standard ONVIFTM protocol

Advanced Video Management Features

  • Remote Site management to manage added Remote Site’s resources in Central System
  • Set the recording schedule for the connected cameras
  • System-related event settings for camera, alarm input, encoding device, and server
  • Generic event settings for analyzing the received TCP and/or UDP data packages to integrate with external sources
  • Alarm settings for camera, alarm input, encoding device, server, ANPR, generic event, and remote site
  • Map for viewing the camera location and distribution, alarm inputs, alarm outputs, etc.
  • Allow live view, PTZ control, manual recording, and other operation of the connected cameras
  • Normal playback, synchronous playback, fisheye playback, and VCA playback are selectable
  • Display people counting and heat map statistics
  • View live video of ANPR cameras, and the license plate displays; Search logs of vehicle license plate recognized by the camera and the related vehicle passing information
  • Search video files stored on local devices or Recording Server
  • Search the video files of transaction event by inputting the keywords in POS information
  • Set VCA rule to search the video that VCA event occurs
  • Web Client, Control Client, and Mobile Client available for system management to access Blazer Pro anytime, anywhere
  • Manage role and user permission
  • Active directory integration



Kapasitet kameraer

Opptil 128 IP-kameraer




IP-kameraer: 12 megapixel

Integrert POE-switch

Uten POE-switch


Tre separate utganger (2 HDMI og 1 VGA)


Avhengig av kameraene